Mexico Family Vacation


Mexico’s Copper Canyon: The Perfect Family Vacation

For a Mexico family vacation, this is the the best place to take your family on vacation, ON ONE OF THE FIVE MOST SPECTACULAR TRAIN RIDES IN THE WORLD, pristine nature, river cruises, real Native American Tarahumaras, the longest aerial tram way, horseback riding, the legend of Don Diego de la Vega “Zorro”, the longest zip-line in the world, dolphin bay encounter, hiking trails, wine tour experience.

Tarahumara Native Cave Discovery
At Hotel Mirador, dont miss the opportunity to visit the Tarahumara caves and see how they live and make baskets and crafts.

Horseback rides
Interact with your family on a fun horseback ride, with spectacular views of the Canyon and visits to Tarahumara villages.

El Fuerte River Cruise
Go on an exciting float raft ride on The El Fuerte River; watch the birds and enjoy pure nature!

Topolobampo Bay, Birds & Dolphin Tour
Enjoy an abundance of friendly dolphins that play around the yacht while touring the bay.

Aerial Tram
What a better way to enjoy the grandeur of the copper canyon, but right in the World longest aerial tram. The views are Amazing, and the tram gets to the ‘eagles nest’ for more magnificient views, and the perfect way to explore the tarahumara native communities.

A unique experience World wide, the only zip lines in a system of canyons four times larger than the grand canyon, this will take your breath away, it is safe and fun for all the family to enjoy!

Hiking Trails
Either in el Fuerte town, where you can enjoy a trail leading you to ancient petroglyphs, or in cerocahui village, scenic trails that leads to beautiful waterfalls deep inside forested canyons, at mirador hotel you can experience by yourself hiking trails leading you to Tarahumara villages with sweeping vistas of the copper canyon.

Wine Tours
Enjoy first hand a wine tour at the vineyards of the Hotel Mision in Cerocahui, visit our cellars and try our the wine that has made this region famous.

Petroglyph and River Cruise
In el Fuerte dont forget to take the river cruise and petroglyphs national site.

Old Missions
Historic landmarks are to be visited on your vacation to Copper Canyon.

Yacht Tours
Get on board one of our yachts and enjoy a cruise around the bay and visit one of many pristine beaches.

Mayo Native Encounters
In El Fuerte visit the old native community of Capomos, experience ritual dances and see how they make pottery and tortillas in mezquite wood fire.