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Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions

1Is there a required minimum night’s stay?

2 What does the Classic Package/Tour include?

3Does it include transfers?

4What if I only need train tickets?

5What hotels do you operate?

6What category are the hotels?

7Are pets allowed in hotels?

8What are the Check In and Check Out times for hotels?

9Where are the hotels located?

10What days does the Chepe Express train depart? What are your schedules?

11Are pets allowed to travel aboard the train?

12How long does the Chepe Express train travel?

13What are the train departures?

14What identification documents do I need to board the train?

15What are the train categories? What does each include?

16Can you bring food? What foods does my ticket include?

17Can I get off at all stations?

18What stations do you recommend to get off?

19How long could the trip last?

20How do I book a package tour?

21Methods of payment?

22How much time do I have to book?

23What type of clothing is appropriate?

24How long do you have to be at the station before boarding?

25Does the train have sleepers?

26Do children pay for a train ticket?

27What age are considered minors?

28 Do you accept credit card on board the train?

29What is the baggage allowed on board the train?

30Where's my luggage going?

31Do you have wifi on board the train?

32Can I leave my vehicle at the train station?

33Are there ATMs in the destinations?